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Uniform Care

Tips for Uniform Care


  • For best results, wash workwear apart from your regular family wash.
  • If workwear is washed with other household garments, then separate by colour and wash with like items split workwear into these loads: 1) all whites, 2) Trousers and shirts, 3) coloured polo/oxford shirts

Tips for Washing

  • Do NOT overload the washing machine.
  • To improve the feel and future washability of your workwear, wash with detergent once before wearing with
    like colours on the easy care or wrinkle-free cycle with warm water.
  • Always pre-treat stains with liquid detergent or other pre-treating products.
  • Never use detergents with whiteners or brighteners on colours as these contain bleach and will significantly shorten the life of your uniform.
  • Pre-treat collars and cuffs of all shirts each time they are washed to prevent body soil build-up (ring around the collar).
  • For heavily soiled items, pre-soak from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of overnight depending on the degree of the soiled area before initiating the wash cycle. Never soak coloured items in bleach.
  • All washing should be warm water wash and cold water rinse on easy care or wrinkle-free cycle.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach product on colours. Use non-chlorine bleach when instructed by care cycle.
  • Fabric softener may be used, but should not be used in both the washer and dryer.
    Tips for Drying
  • Before placing clothes in the dryer, check for stain removal. If stain removal is not complete on some gar ments, reapply pre-treatment and rewash the stained items with at least a 15-minute pre-soak.
  • Tumble dry on easy care, permanent press, or wrinkle-free cycle.
  • Do not over dry.
  • Remove clothes promptly from the dryer and hang or fold.
  • Do not tumble dry on a high heat.

Tips for Ironing

  • Press using the appropriate setting on your iron. Check your garment label before pressing and use the setting suggested.
  • For polyester cotton products, use cotton setting on iron.
  • Do not iron dark colours with a bare iron - this will cause shining. Place a clean pillowcase on the garment before pressing.
  • Do not iron logos or emblems. You may lightly press them if you cover them with a clean pillowcase and use a cool iron.


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